Ed Sheeran wants Beyonce collaboration

Ed Sheeran would love to make a record with pop superstar Beyonce.

The ‘Castle on the Hill’ hitmaker previously teamed up with the ‘Crazy in Love’ superstar at a Stevie Wonder tribute show in February 2015 and joined her on stage again in November 2015, but would love to get into the studio with her for a brand new track.

He said: “I’ve done some live stuff with Beyoncé but I’d love to do a song song, like an original song. We did a really cool thing at a Stevie Wonder show and then I went on and sang ‘Drunk In Love’ at her show but that’s it, I’d love to do an original song with her.”

And, after taking a year’s break from the spotlight, the 25-year-old singer can’t wait to start performing live again, and revealed fans can see him sooner than they might have thought as he is planning to head out on the road “pretty soon after” he releases his third album ‘÷’ in March.

Asked during a Facebook Live Q&A with MTV UK when he will be going on tour, he said: “March. Pretty soon after the album. I don’t know when we’re coming with dates but I know we’re coming with dates soon. I definitely know it’s starts in March, in Europe.”

Though he didn’t reveal where he will be performing, Ed did admit he favours “bigger gigs” over more intimate venues.

He said: “Wembley Stadium is the most fun I’ve ever had on stage. I just enjoy the bigger gigs.”

The ‘Lego House’ singer recently admitted he hopes his new record will be the “biggest in the world”.

He said: “I see myself as two different people. I think there’s me, normal me, who goes to the pub with his mates, goes on bike rides, hangs out with his cats and then there’s ‘juggernaut’ who puts three years of work into an album and feels the whole world has to hear it.

“I’m never going to hide the fact that I’m a very competitive person and I do want this to be the biggest album in the world. But this is where my career really begins – the rest has been a set up to this point.”

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