#SpaWithPinky: Finding serenity at Serenity Spa

By Pinky Ghelani

Allow yourself to get lost in a place that makes you forget all your worries!

As I check into Serenity Spa, after already receiving an email from them telling me about my treatment and other services they offer – including other services they offer ranging from ordering a meal for you to arranging a crossfit session, I am asked to take a seat in the waiting area. I have been to Serenity Spa a few times, I even hosted a baby shower there. By the way, it is an ideal location for girly events. I look around and see that it is well thought out.

Serenity have plenty of rooms for the different treatments that they offer, they even have the couple rooms as well as a salon in the front area and a separate area for manicures and pedicures that over looks their lush green garden.

The therapist greets me and takes me through to my room. The dark corridors and very subtle sounds of lounge music has already put me in the mood to switch off.

My treatments begins with the strawberry salt scrub and really leaves my skin feeling like velvet. Am then asked to take a shower in the en suite room. The rooms are spacious and have their private wardrobes so it almost feels like a personal hotel room to some extent. I then move on to the next part of the 2 hour treatment which is the body mask made out of grape seed oil, green tea and mint.

The heated blanket beneath me and the mask which is now followed by a wrap starts to make me perspire. My therapist reassures me that this is a part of what the process and the idea is to make one sweat during the treatment. To my surprise she talks to me about my facial skin and offers to do a quick cleanse, tone and a mask.

I am then left alone with my thoughts and because of the serene (aha, now we understand the name) ambiance I seem to drift off and am slowly woken up with a gentle pat on the shoulders and am once again led to the shower. I have to say everything about the spa so far is very stylish and posh. I even notice that they pack their own conditioner and shampoos and use the very best of products.

I come back into the room where the bedding has been changed to crisp white sheets and am further treated to a Swedish massage.

I feel as though I could stay here forever and the interesting thing is that I probably could have. Once my massage was over the therapist said I could take my time to get dressed and once I was at the reception, I was taken to the courtyard and treated to some herbal tea and fruits where the sunbeds almost convinced me to not get into my car and battle traffic just yet. I whiled away my afternoon listening to the birds and sipping on my tea.

The worries of the world could wait!

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