What not to order on a first date


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Recently, my friend Joan and I decided to go for burgers.

Joan and I found a corner table next to a socket. Being gadget freaks, we had to find a table next to a socket. Being the typical Generation Y, before asking for the menu, we have to enquire about the Wi-Fi password.

Across our table, I saw a fairly young lady with a man. The lady was enjoying her burger, she was literally biting off more than she could chew. The burger was enormous. There was just something off about the whole scene. The juices from the beef, were dribbling over her hands. The sauces dripped on her white dress leaving enormous stains and then a tiny piece of the beef fell on her lap. Crumbs of the bun could be seen on the corners of her mouth and on her lips. Her supposed red matte lipstick was no longer attractive. I could tell how un-easy the man was. He kept looking aside and he developed interest in staring at the ceiling pretending to stroke his beard as though deep in thought. The guy was embarrassed.  To avoid such embarrassing situations, here are foods that should be off your radar when going on a date.


They might be tempting, but should be avoided because of how messy they are. No one wants to have their faces painted with sauce.


The slurping sound while one drinks soup is very unattractive. If you are unaware of the appropriate etiquette to consuming soup, avoid it.

3.Spaghetti and noodles.

The process of enjoying a bowl spaghetti is very complicated and requires lots of skill. If done wrong,  the whole scenario is disturbing…

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