Viola Davis receives Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Viola Davis has been honoured with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

The 51-year-old actress has been “immortalised in cement”, according to Meryl Streep who presented Viola with the accolade on Thursday (05.01.17), which saw the ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ star praise Viola for her “incandescent talent”, her generosity and her ability to do everything except be invisible.

The 67-year-old actress – who worked on the 2008 drama ‘Doubt’ with Viola – said: “Viola Davis is possessed of a blazing, incandescent talent. And she is the most generous, present person I know.

“The thing Viola can’t do is be invisible. She just can’t do it. She can’t fade away; she can’t recede; she can’t be forgettable. Viola Davis is inevitable. She is like a sure thing and her star has been waiting here patiently for 50 years for her. So let’s fix her in the firmament of Hollywood. Let’s immortalise her in cement, and thank you for the amazing gift that you have given me and everybody here. And I just look forward to more and more from you.”

The brunette beauty admitted she couldn’t believe she was being awarded the distinction by the blonde beauty, whilst her husband Julius Tennon and their six-year-old daughter Genesis were there.

She said: “I cannot believe my life right now that Meryl Streep spoke at my Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony with my handsome husband and a beautiful daughter.

“So many moments since I turned 50 … it’s doing the work and as a result of the work, my life is coming to fruition.”

However, ‘The Help’ star revealed there was one person she wanted to witness the moment – her late father, Dan Davis, who passed away 11 years ago.

Speaking at the time, which has since been reported by Entertainment Tonight website, she said: “I wish he were here. He died in 2006 and he would think this is pretty fantastic.”

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