Twitter unveils 360-degree live video

Twitter on Wednesday began streaming 360-degree video, allowing users to interact and get behind the scenes of live broadcasts.

“Starting today, you can check out live, interactive 360 videos from interesting broadcasters and explore what’s happening with them,” Twitter’s Alessandro Sabatelli said in a blog post.

“You’ll be able to get an inside look with well-known personalities and go behind the scenes at exclusive events.”

The first such video was delivered over Twitter’s live Periscope application from broadcaster Alex Pettitt, showing a Florida sunset, while allowing users to see it from different angles by clicking on the stream.

“With 360 video on Periscope, you can experience moments with the broadcaster and take a look around? –? it’s one step closer to actually being there,” the Periscope team said in a blog post.

“Starting today, you’ll be able to join live 360 videos on Periscope and Twitter from some incredible broadcasters? — ?getting front-row access at exclusive events, traveling to places across the globe, and getting up close with well-known personalities.”

Earlier this year Facebook began streaming 360-degree videos, which require a special set of cameras to capture surroundings.

Twitter said it was testing 360 broadcasts “with a small group of partners,” and will be rolling out the feature “more broadly during the coming weeks.”

“Live 360 video isn’t just about taking you to places you’ve never been; it’s about connecting you with people and letting you experience something new with them,” the Periscope team said.

“With these videos, the broadcaster anchors the experience so you can be present with them from whatever environment they’re sharing from.”

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  1. Avatar Tim November 16th, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Something is wrong with this case. Surely the Saitotis should have put this matter to rest once and for all by demanding DNA if Ms Saitoti is the mother. Why would they want to drag this thing on by trying to stop the proceedings anyway? I am inclined to believe the couple.

    1. Avatar perepere November 16th, 2012 at 7:56 pm

      DNA test

  2. Avatar The truth comes out to light November 17th, 2012 at 12:40 am

    am very disappointed with Zachary he should take a DNA test its not always about money as he thinks, so what if those are his real parents,because I know them and its true they lost their son, money is not everything Zachary if I were you I would go for the DNA test and be so glad to meet my siblings if the results are positive, Obama was so thrilled to meet her sister it so sad that money is all people think about, stop hurting your real parents, is it bad having two sets of parents who love you? Think outside the box money isn’t that important hope you will realize this one day.


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