Holiday Romances: 3 Things you should not do this vacation

We met under the first warm sun rays in the morning, glinting off the Indian Ocean along the Kenyan Coast.  Our eyes locked and the attraction was instant.  His healthy sun-kissed skin from working on the coast glistened and his soft brown eyes revealed the sweetest of souls.  The memories from our brief holiday romance, still lingers.

Taking walks under the bejeweled starlit sky, whilst sharing our dreams for the future.  Riding together on a motocross bike into the horizon through tropical forests that fringe the coastline.  Enjoying a candlelit dinner prepared by him with care, solely for you.  And, being shielded from the brisk evening wind gusts from the open ocean by his strong and tall frame.    Sometimes you find the best romances of your life in the most peculiar places and the strangest of circumstances.  Few experience the combination of love, romance and passion together, but when you do, it’s absolute bliss.

After months of long meetings, terrible Nairobi traffic, bad dates and significant others that seem to never cooperate or simply don’t understand what “compromise” or “communication” means; dropping your inhibitions and learning to embrace “living in the moment” for a few days during a holiday is the perfect treat.

But does the glow from a holiday romance fade as quickly as our tans or our epic hangovers?  An Australian survey found that nearly a third of all holiday romances continue even when you’re back home – so there’s hope that the bliss can last.

The hard thing about holiday romances is letting go of something as perfect as a dream, but don’t be afraid of losing what you cherish.  The gift of holiday romances is that they teach us that sometimes the best things in life are not meant to last forever.  Some may, but for others, they’re a hopeful reminder of what’s just around the corner – that “bliss” is possible, the unexpected is always the best, and that sometimes it’s worth it to be free of your inhibitions and to be vulnerable.

Take things in stride and remember that not every short-lived relationship that started out with so much promise has to end up at a dead end.  And until you find that eternal “bliss,” all you have to remember is that the sun never sets on a holiday romance, the stunning visuals that you’ve captured with your camera will last forever, and the happy memories you’ve collected will remind you of your elusive paradise.

 3 Things you should not do on a holiday romance

1. Bring a STI home

Yes, you may be in the heat of a passionate moment, but don’t let that be an excuse for you to bring a STI home.  Be prepared.

2. Guarded by your inhibitions and a super long checklist

Follow your heart and be inspired to embrace #YOLO, untarnished by pesky reality.  Don’t focus on that long checklist of wishes that you have in a potential partner.

3. Have expectations

Don’t have expectations.  Live in the moment and less for the future.  Having expectations will put too much pressure on a holiday romance, setting it up for an epic fail and resulting in attachment issues.  Who wants a sticky romance?!

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