Fay Tissues celebrates unappreciated Mothers

PHOTO: Cancer patients getting a make-up treat. (Courtesy Kim Fay)
PHOTO: Cancer patients getting a make-up treat. (Courtesy Kim Fay)

By Wangeci Kanyeki


When was the last time you appreciated your mother?  Mums, mother figures such as guardians and caregivers often go unappreciated yet we are who we are today because of what they did for us. Most mums lay down their lives for their children and pour their all to their children.  Despite the lecturing and scolding and spanking (I got plenty of that), you may never find anyone else who constantly thinks, and prays and schemes for your success as much as a mother does.

Kim Fay a local based manufacturer of personal care, tissue, & hygiene products, has kicked off a three-month campaign dubbed Thanks Mum’ to appreciate mothers, guardians and care givers who often serve selflessly with little appreciation.   By sending a photograph or video to Fay Tissues Facebook page one stands a chance to win a dinner or spa voucher for their mum.

Speaking about the Thanks Mum campaign, Hartaj Bains the Sales and Marketing Director at Kim Fay said, “the Fay campaign is centered around children thanking their mums and mother figures for always being there for them during those typical mother-child moments.  We have targeted the latter festive part of the 2016 to remind everyone to make mums feel special by saying just two words ‘thank you’ for the soft touches they add to our lives.”


Yet there are those caregivers who do all the hard work of a mother but often go unnoticed. In November 2016, to mark the World Adoption November Month, Fay team visited New Life Home Trust, an organisation that rescues and cares for abandoned, orphaned and other extremely vulnerable babies. Fay team appreciated more than 70 care givers in honour of their role in the lives of the abandoned children; ensuring needs  of the babies well care for all year round. Speaking at the event Janet Mutinda CEO at New Life Home Trust said, “New Life Home Trust has rescued about 1728 children since its inception in 1994 and successfully placed about 1200 of the 1728 children in alternative family care through kinship adoptions, foster care or adoptions by non family members.” She appreciated the Fay team for organising the event and surprising the care givers with hampers from the manufacturers high quality Fay brand including toilet paper, facial tissues, wipes and pocket tissues.

In October the cancer awareness month, the Thanks Mum campaign focused on  cancer patients and survivors who received a make up and beauty treat.  Make-up artist, Rose Ntong’ondu, a recipient of 2016 Business Daily Top 40 under 40 personality for her Glam & Support initiative was at the event to beautify the cancer patients.

“The cancer patients have to conquer esteem issues as the disease and treatment changes how they look and feel about themselves. Some have even given up on their personal grooming. Make-up makes them feel alive and gives them hope.  We use beauty to add life into their days,” says Ntong’ondu.

As part of their ‘Thank you mum’ campaign, over 50 cancer patients, guardians and caregivers received hampers comprising Fay facial tissue, toilet paper, wipes and pocket tissues in appreciation of serving selflessly.  Sistar provided hair weaves and extensions for those who had lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Bio-Oil by Kim Fay created awareness on it’s natural properties and vitamins, clinically developed to moisturize and restore damaged skin often scarred or burned during cancer treatment.

PHOTO: Left: Peninah Njoki, Breast cancer patient receiving a hamper from Kim Fay Brand Manager Mr Andrew Mureithi during their 'Thanks Mum' campaign    at recent Glam & Support held at Nairobi Hospice
PHOTO: Left: Peninah Njoki, Breast cancer patient receiving a hamper from Kim Fay Brand Manager Mr Andrew Mureithi during their ‘Thanks Mum’ campaign
at recent Glam & Support held at Nairobi Hospice

The campaign incorporates a vibrant online and mall activations, which encourages participants to upload creative, heart-warming appreciation videos on the Fay Tissues Facebook page or send via whatsapp on 0734 370 054 for a chance to win dinner and spa vouchers for their mums.

Every weekend over the November to December 2016 festive period Fay will have ‘Thanks Mum’ appreciation booths across select malls to engage shoppers and help them understand how to participate; “our goal is to ensure all mums know that they not only deserve a thank you from those they are nurturing, but that they can also win well deserved dinners and spas for all their years of selfless service,” says, Andrew Mureithi, Kim Fay’s Brand Manager for Household and Family Brands.


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