#EditorsPicks: Our go-to gadget of the month


Growing up, my version of a good toy would have been an interesting board game, a cool Play Station game or a Game Boy.

Fast forward to 2016 and who knew that as adults we’d have just as many toys to play with (if not more) given all the technological advancements that the world births every day. From Snapchat sunglasses to watches that not only tell you the time but who’s messaging you, how many steps you’ve taken and your heart rate.

Blink once and there’s new little gadget on the block that’s taken the world by storm!

So in the spirit of being so tech savvy, here are the Editors’ current favourite gadgets.


Sharon Mundia: Philips Air Fryer (KES26,000)

This has been around for a while so you’ve probably already heard of an air fryer before and if you haven’t, prepare to have your jaw 0drop! This nifty gadget not only saves you loads of time in the kitchen (which, if you’re anything like me, brings music to your ears) but it also allows you to cook without having to use any oil. Not a drop! All you have to do is stick your defrosted sausages in the air fryer, set the recommended temperature and start your countdown (usually takes about 10minutes for sausages). Not only will your sausages be perfectly and evenly cooked but you’ll also save yourself from the terror that is the pops of hot oil landing on your skin. I’d definitely recommend this in any home as it can also cook chicken, beef and even chips!


Maureen Ojunga: The Kindle 2 ($189 on Amazon)

I love hard copy books  but whenever I’m traveling and I know I have to pack light …Hello Kindle 2! I have used both Kindle 1 and 2 and here’s why I’m obsessed with the latter: My favorite bit about the Kindle 2 is that besides it having a new tech-savvy look with a button placement, it  also now has an in-line dictionary. Also, unlike the Kindle 1 , you can put anything you want on your Kindle 2. You can easily email DOC, TXT and PDF files to your own kindle email address for conversion to the kindle. Bookmarking and highlighting have also been made so much easier. It absolutely feels great to use Plus it’s super thin making portability a breeze!


Susan Wong: Liquid Screen Protector (KES1,500 per phone application)

Nanofixit a Nanotechnology based liquid screen protector that hardens yours smartphone’s screen. Since I’ve applied it, no more screen protectors, bubbles, scratches or even smudges!

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