Tom Ford refuses to use his own designs in his films

Tom Ford attends the premiere for "Denial" for the annual Toronto Film Festival (TIFF), in Toronto, Canada. TIFF 2016 - Denial Premiere, Princess of Wales, Toronto, Canada, 11/09/16

Tom Ford refused to use any of his own designs in ‘Nocturnal Animals’ because he didn’t want the audience feel he was using the movie to sell his wares.

The 55-year-old director insisted costume designer Arianne Phillips couldn’t use any of his sartorial creations in latest movie ‘Nocturnal Animals’, even though she felt they’d be perfect for Amy Adams’ character Susan, because he didn’t want people to feel he was using the picture to promote his other career.

Arianne said: “I wanted to use Tom’s glasses [for Susan], but he was really clear he didn’t want the audience to be taken out of the film, that he wasn’t making ‘a branded film’ to sell clothes – to his credit.”

However, the former Gucci creative director was able to put his fashion credentials to good use when he called in a favour from Chanel chief Karl Lagerfeld.

Arianne told The Daily Beast: “You learn in flashbacks the complicated relationship between Susan and her mother.

“Laura Linney’s white suit was Chanel, made just for her. That was the time I said, ‘Tom, I need you to pick up the phone and call Karl’.

“Tom agreed that Susan’s mother, a conservative Texas socialite with helmet-head hair, would wear Chanel, so he reached out.

“That’s the power of Tom Ford – the perk is the access!”

Though Susan’s stunning tricolour fur was produced by Tom Ford atelier’s furrier, and most others were custom made, Arianne insists none of the pieces – including the stunning green dress worn by Amy’s character – are likely to end up in one of Tom’s future fashion collections.

She noted of the green dress: “That colour was quite specific. It was dyed and made; we laboured over getting it the right colour for film – and camera tested it.

“Will it ever be used for a future collection? That’s a question for Tom Ford the fashion designer – we know film influences fashion – but maybe not for Tom Ford the director! “

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