#10Questions: Multi-platinum, Grammy award-nominated Joss Stone

PHOTO: REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – OCTOBER 30TH, 2016 | http://www.jossstone.com/
PHOTO: REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – OCTOBER 30TH, 2016 | http://www.jossstone.com/

“Savour each experience like your time is almost up.” So says globe-trotting, multi-platinum and Grammy award-nominated singer Joss Stone.

The 29-year-old English singer, songwriter and actress is bringing her ‘Total World Tour’ to Nairobi, Kenya this Saturday, 26th of November.

In 2001, at the age of thirteen, Stone auditioned and eventually won BBC Television’s talent show, Star for a Night, which attracted the attention of her future label  S-Curve Records. 15 years later, Stone is traveling the world with her Total World Tour and aims to collaborate with local homegrown musicians, playing indigenous music as well as her own.

“My mission is to explore and understand the universal language of music in every country on the planet,” Stone shares on her website.

During her short visit to Kenya, Stone is expected to also bring her unique brand of soulful acoustic blues to local audiences with a visit to the Dance Academy and Destiny Academy in Mathare, an informal settlement in Nairobi.

Ahead of her concert in Nairobi, in a Capital Lifestyle exclusive, we get to know Stone a little better.


What are your top 3 music picks for 2016? (Either songs or musicians)

I wish I knew what was current but I have no idea.

What are you listening to right now? (In your car/on your ipod?)

I listen to Nitin Sawhney a lot, each song is so different so it’s nice to have the variety

What is your screensaver?

My dogs, I know some people think it’s silly but they are like my children.

Live today like it’s your last or live today like it’s your first?

Bit of both, look at the world with the fascinated eye of a new born but savour each experience like your time is almost up.

What’s your favourite dish?

Beany pancakes. It’s seriously simple, just beans and cheese, rolled in a crepe and covered in passata and cheese before baking. We loved of it as kids.

What is the worst thing anyone’s said to you?

I try not to dwell on the negative so I don’t know of a specific thing. I don’t like being told I can’t do something, that’s how the Total World Tour came about, people kept saying it wasn’t possible.

Ghandi or Martin Luther King?

No way, not choosing!

What is your most treasured possession?

My dogs, although they are more than mere possessions.

What is your favourite word?

There are so many great sounding words… bubble is good. But laughter is probably the best sound and the think I write most often is hahahahahaha!

What do you want to say to your parents?

Thank you thank you thank you. There is nothing more I can say and yet that isn’t nearly enough.