10 Ways to spot a cheater


“Cheating” and “being unfaithful” could mean very different things to different people. Ensuring that you and your partner have the same definitions to such actions is important so that you won’t experience any miscommunication, which is more often than not, the root of all arguments.

Relationship coach Amy North shares 10 ways on how you can spot a cheater:

  • He stays out late

It’s possible that your partner is sincerely busy, but if suddenly you feel like he or she is busy with other people and that you feel something’s off – perhaps it’s time to raise some flags

  • He hides his phone

Is he or she suddenly busy interacting on their phone more than usual. Do they rush to hide their phone away when you ask? Do they stop leaving their phone around casually? All these point to your partner trying to hide something from you

  • His stories don’t match up

If you notice that their stories aren’t matching up or you hear of different stories from their friends – there’s a good chance they’re up to no good

  • He smells different

Maybe they start smelling like other people or perhaps he or she is trying to impress someone with a new scent. Why are they stepping up their game?

  • He has mood swings

One minute he’s so happy to be with you, and the next he’s irritated by your every word. Maybe your partner is stressed, feels guilty or is looking for a reason to get out of the relationship.

  • He cuts off all ‘PDA’

If your man stops public displays of affection, maybe he’s afraid who may see. If you feel like he doesn’t want to be seen romantically with you in public, then that’s a huge flag.

For the rest, watch the video below:

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