#DusitGreekFestival : A Taste of Greece in Kenya


Whether you are Greek living in Kenya and you happen to be missing home and of course the various Greek delicacies with all the special Greek ingredients that your palate is so used to. Or Greece is on your travel bucket list but you’re still trying to figure out how to eventually get there. Or food is your thing and trying out various cuisines from all over the world is something that appeals to you –and of course Greek food is one of the cuisines you have always wanted to try out… You are in luck!

Take a trip to Greece away from Greece

DusitD2 recently launched the Greek Food Festival where guests are to enjoy a week-long (November 12th -19th) experience at dusitD2’s Soko restaurant.

Food is very important in the Greek culture, therefore traditional Greek food prepared by Greek chefs , music, dancing and other things synonymous with the Greek culture is to be expected at the festival. The delicacies to be served at the Greek Food Festival will give customers a lifetime experience of the Greek culture. The chefs promise their guests will get to enjoy a taste of Greece away from Greece.

The Greek Food Festival has the sole aim of celebrating the Greek culture through food and music. Some of the Greek staple foods to be expected at the week-long food festival include Moussaka, Octopus, Taramasalata , Chicken gyros, Calamari, soulvaki, spanakopita, , Feta and other cheeses, honey and baklava and other desserts and pastries and of course not forgetting Olives and rich Olive oil among others.


octopus-greek-style grilled-cheese moussaka sampling-greek-food greek-dessert

Food is an important part of the Greek culture

It is said that the Greek put their heart , soul and favourite seasoning into many of their delicacies. In fact one of the chefs who will be preparing the various kinds of Greek inspired dishes is chef Papadopoulos Giorgos. Papadopoulos strongly believes in showcasing the beauty of yet unexplored Greek cuisine to the world. He brags over two decades of experience in culinary arts and has prepared food for dignitaries and ambassadors from countries like Greece, Netherlands and Kuwait.


The Greek Food Festival is sponsored by dusitD2 Nairobi and Qatar Airways and for one to take part in the festival and get the Greece experience, one will be required to make reservations so as to enjoy dining from 7:00-10:30pm. Patrons will also enjoy being serenaded by a jolly Greek singer accompanying his mellow tunes with a Bouzouki. In addition to that diners will get the full Greece experience of a dining set up made up of the clear blue skies and sea color synonymous with Greece.

While at it, diners can join in on the fun on social media by hash-tagging #DusitGreekFestival. Opa!

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