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  • There we go! every time a Somali name comes up before any parliamentary committee and the individual is not from Garissa, there must be something wrong with him. I see the hard working hand of Yussuf Haji lacking in the shadows. It also shows lack of intelligence ability or even elementary knowledge of Somalia as a country and its people that Kenya has shared with for nearly 60 years Kenyan Security apparatus that is at war with a terrorist group in Somali should have known what components of clan are in Somalia beside the Slippery and slick Darrod group that Mr. Haji belongs to. This Somali clan has been the cause of all the demise of Somali communities and by extension Kenya. The Kenya intelligence apparatus should at least know by now, that the people who have been hijacking tourist from Kenya are mainly from Yussuf Haji clan

    It is very much known that in northern Kenya that most of the Government employees are from the minority Ogaden clan, whose loud mouth politician which include Mr. Haji the butcher of Elwaq has been allocating very wisely to his own clan. They are fighting very hard to replace a Aden a very hard working, knowledgeable, honest, caring and man of integrity from not taking a position that he obviously qualifies for. Mr. Yussuf need to desist from discriminating against the Garre people and the rest of people who are not from his tribe. He is obviously is selling bananas to security apparatus and told them that Mr. Aden belonged to Digil and Mirifiley one of the major clan of Somalia and possibly the majority clan. It is truly elementary and should have been simple knowledge for the a Government that has just cross border in search of a rebel movement and yet they do not know the component of the tribes in the area. This needs to be corrected, this is an elementary information and I hope the letter by Mr. Francis Kimema was not written by an intelligence officer surmounting to a basic collectors information failure. Who did the assessment study of the area people, resources, education abilities, the tribes, clan and many other simple information should have been studied and prepared for implementation any a countries Armed Forces move in an enemy area. i hope the KDF is not led by such people

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