Bobbi Brown on beauty trends: ‘Contouring is firmly out’


Bobbi Brown believes contouring is “firmly out” of fashion.

The 59-year-old professional make-up artist – who first launched her debut lipstick range under the name Bobbi Brown Essentials in 1991 – has admitted she is not a fan of the extreme sculpting beauty trend, because she believes you can’t “make a face” you don’t already have.

Speaking about the beauty fad, the entrepreneur said: “[Contouring] is firmly out and, in my view, it should never have been much in because you can’t make a face you don’t have.”

And the beauty mogul – whose eponymous label has since been bought by Estée Lauder – has revealed she was first inspired to create a make-up line because she wanted to “solve problems” for women.

However, the star has admitted she used to simply “stare” at the array of cosmetic products in a store and was baffled when she came across “22 taupe eyeshadows” because she never knew what to buy.

She explained: “[I wanted to] create simple products that could solve problems for women. I used to stare at rows of stuff and have no idea what to buy, because I felt I did not need 22 taupe eyeshadows.”

Meanwhile Bobbi – who has sons Dylan, Duke and Dakota with her husband Steven Plofker – has admitted her close friends envy her glamorous lifestyle she flaunts on social media, but the beauty stylist has revealed she has told them her life isn’t all it seems and she is in fact “permanently exhausted” from her busy work schedule.

Speaking to ES magazine about her response to a friend who idolised her life, she said: “What I said to her [was]: ‘What my feed is not showing you is that I’m permanently exhausted and there are days I envy you for being with your family or going out to play a game of tennis.’ Social media is not the whole story of our lives.

“Balance? There’s no such thing: or at least I’ve never found it.”

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