#WeirdNews: Denmark government forbids parents from naming their child Anus


The government in Denmark has banned parents from naming their child Anus.

A government-issued list in the Scandinavian country, which details what titles are acceptable and unacceptable to name newborns, has inhibited parents from seeking permission to call their tot after the bodily area, and anyone who plans to change the spelling of such names also require permission, according to The Mirror Online.

And the Court of Appeal believe names such as Facebook, Anus and Lucifer should be banned as they can be harmful.

This news came after a mother from Powys, Wales, was eager to call her child Cyanide, which was rejected by the court because it believed being named after a chemical could affect the youngster.

However, the mother appealed the case, suggesting that the name was a “lovely and pretty”.

Other names including Burger King, Hitler, Robocop and Marciana, which means Alien, have also been declined.