Naomi Campbell is ‘excited’ to star in Fox’s new show ‘Star’


Naomi Campbell is “excited” to star in new TV show ‘Star’, which will see her play the role of a London female Rose Spencer.

The 46-year-old supermodel has been confirmed as the new cast member of Fox TV’s upcoming musical series alongside the “amazing” team, which will include Queen Latifah, Jude Demorest and Ryan Destiny.

The catwalk icon shared the news about her latest venture, which will be directed by Lee Daniels, on social media.

The star posted a picture detailing the news on her personal Instagram account, which she captioned: “So excited to announce I’ll be joining the amazing cast of @theoriginalbigdaddy and @foxtv’s new show #Star (sic).”

Naomi – who played the role of Camilla Marks in the hit drama ‘Empire, which Lee also directed – has been cast as a wealthy London female called Rose Spencer in the forthcoming series.

And it has been reported 52-year-old singer songwriter Lenny Kravitz will make a guest appearance on the show, which is created and produced by Lee and Tom Donaghy, and executive produced by Pamela Oas and Effie Brown.

Meanwhile, Naomi – who has graced the runway for luxury designer brands and publications throughout her three-decade spanning career at the helm of the modelling industry – has revealed she was once told she would be “nothing” when she was starting her career.

Speaking previously, she admitted someone had said: “You’re going to be nothing, you’re never going to be a household name, you’re never going to make it.”

However, she refused to reveal who had made the cutting remark.

She simply smirked and said: “It don’t matter now.”

Elsewhere during her appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live’, Naomi revealed the biggest diva moment she had witnessed from another model was when someone deliberately stepped on her dress to rip it so she wouldn’t be able to walk in the second show – but the British beauty had the last laugh.

She smirked: “With the second show, opened it and closed it.”

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