Is this the most creative Halloween costume? Heidi Klum clones herself


Heidi Klum was accompanied by a squad of clones to her Halloween party.

The 43-year-old model has been known for her intricate costumes in the past – including a prosthetic heavy Jessica Rabbit – but this year she went for something even bigger, hiring five other women, who all donned synthetic replicas of her own face to create an army of Heidi Klums.

Speaking to ET Online at her Halloween party in New York on Monday (31.10.16), the ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge said: “This came about because everyone always says, ‘How do you juggle it all? How do you juggle it all?’ I’m always thinking, ‘I wish there were more of me so I could have it much easier.’ One could stay at home, the other one could go work! So that’s how it happened! It’s six-times me today!”

And although Heidi herself has managed to escape the prosthetics this year, the process of getting her clones to look exactly like her wasn’t easy.

She revealed: “I had my face cast and all then the girls had to have their faces cast and it was very tricky because my face had to then fit on their faces, so it was very, very hard to do.”

For Heidi’s children, Leni, 12, Henry, 11, Johan, nine, and Lou, seven – who she has with ex-husband Seal – the sight of six versions of their mum was “freaky”.

Heidi said: “[My kids] thought it was a lot of fun! I think for them, it’s probably the freakiest [costume].”

The decision to go all out for her Halloween costumes every year comes out of Heidi’s desire to “inspire people” to do something different with their own costume.

She said: “I like to inspire people to come up with new ideas so you’re not always the same every year. That, for me, is always the biggest challenge because I want to surprise people with something.”

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