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  • mkenya

    Commissioners earning more than you does not change the fact that you earn a very high salary. At least we can see what Nyachae is doing. What exactly do you all do to deserve 120,000 dollars package? Kenyans are not idiots. We will not be distracted #nimechoka

  • Tom


  • and what law says that no one can earn more than MPs ?these greedy mps earns way too much for doing nothing and yet they chair almost every commission that has government allocated funds.

  • Mheshimiwa kilonzo from yatta: Why say u need to be paid ur bonuses(over 9m) for u to pass the vat bill? What is the connection btwn the two?

  • Jacob

    Rachael Shebbesh should not be in parliament as a nominated MP currently, as she has already decamped and abused ODM.. Which right does she says she is fighting? She has te refund all her parliamentary ” privileges” until TNA nominates her next year as she will not be elected!!

  • Patora

    The nominated MPs are surely being malicious, what right do they have? For the elected ones, unfortunately we as Kenyans with our short memories will vote them back, and they know it especially those who are considered strong in their parties. As an example, if Shebesh were to bag the TNA ticked for Dagoreti and KJ bags the ODM ticket, who will be elected? Unfortunately your answer is as good as mine and we are all condemning what they are doing.

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