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  • terry

    in your dreams…

  • After all the defections from other parties. and all the money amassed for decades TNA is trailing ODM? It appears UK is headed to be the next PM in the next coalition govt headed by RAO? I do not see A Kivuitu being replayed because tallying of vote is to be done electronically. When Raila starts talking tough about land redistribution the distance between him and UK in popularity will stretch far and wide. That is how RAO is likely to become president. Not because I want it that way but because it is the bitter reality. Take it or leave it.

  • JustusAtuti

    ODM leads,other tribal groupings trail….

  • Pipe-dreaming is a good thing, especially for those who are responsible for introducing malice, lies, violence and character assassinations on our national table. Perhaps, Kenyans are too stupid to realize that the half loaf hasnt translated in to anything! Perhaps, we dont know pretenders went to mere sentimental protocol issues instead of serving the public. Indeed, we dont know the idea was to ridicule brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka for running away with the trophy that was “meant” for us. We dont know whether somebody angrily and disappointingly questioned president Kibaki’s widom in appointing someone VP “who had less than a million votes!” We didnt care the old order never went by votes when it came to appointing a VP. Even someone’s father was never appointed on basis of votes! We forgot someone’s post came through unfaithfulness, violence and murder.

    We must have forgotten that somebody wasted perecious time after joining government by complaining about carpets and mobile toilets. And that was happening while his constituents had no even minimun of such facilities. We certainly dont know somebody fed us with cancerous maize! Our memories are truly short because someone thinks we dont know Kazi Kwa Vijana funds were pocketed and then, we were confronted with all manner of excuses, including tabling of false documents in parliament. We must be unable to know the fellow has ceaseIessly used wicked deception to get his way! Oh yes, we must have forgotten that that the same same character has wasted hundreds of hours castigating non-existent opponents of our constitution! Of course, the fellow spends a whole world calling other people misplaced names that dont even apply at all. Surely, we must have forgotten that this same guy faked election theft and called for mass action that turned in to mass murder of innocent Kenyans. Yes! May be we dont know this devicious person treats political disagreements as violent enemity! l think we dont even know this mischief will grace our state house if this fellow ever becomes, God forbid!, president.

  • POnyambu

    Just expect a miracle of vote duplication. Ababu Namwamba, the recently elevated minister, wants to prove to the world that his vote and that of his wife has a magical powers to duplicate to give Raila enough votes to become the president of this country. What is remaining of ODM is just night meetings to avoid sleep that is not easily forthcoming.

    As for Namwamba, all those defecting from ODM have no impact thus they leave ODM stronger than ever. So many fictions have been written down but this one from ODM leadership beats them all.
    Politics is a game of numbers. Opinion polls before the 17/9/2012 by-elections indicated that Rao was the man to beat. When the actual voting was done, ODM managed one out of 3 parliamentary seats leaving behind many Q’s as to where opinion samples are collected. By Rao saying they will not enter into any alliance agreement, it is a clear indication that no person of sound mind, no political party with a future prospect, no group of either gender, age, profession, or collective activity is ready to join hands with him, not necessary the ODM as a party.
    Recently Mr Ongwae resigned from Rao’s campaign team, 10/10/2012 Barrack Muluka resigns from Rao campaign team, Miguna miguna resigned from Rao’s team, the numerous defections from the party and the likes of Namwamba closes their eyes,ears, and mind to comfort themselves that everything is ok.

    ODM five campaign agendas are applicable in the sense that they kept stock of the same from the coalition arrangement to utilize during their reign. The maize scandal, (provide food,) the water scandal, (enough water) NHIF scandal(enough to provide health for all) Kazi kwa vijana funds scandal(to create jobs for the same youths) The big question is what if they form the next government won’t they hoard even more for 2017 and beyond. God forbid

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