#Travel: Facials, gourmet chocolates and manicures at my stopover? Yes, please!


If I had to list down some of the most incredible things I’ve been able to witness in this lifetime, the crystal blue waters of The Maldives would definitely be on that list.

I actually remember the moment I thought to myself that perhaps coming to Maldives this early in my life wasn’t a smart idea because every other island or beach I visit thereafter would inevitably be compared to this one. “Yeah, the ocean looks pretty here but in Maldives the water so clear you could see all sorts of fish swim right past you!” Followed by… “I mean, *insert destination here* is beautiful but have you been to The Maldives?”

Let’s face it, the likelihood that every other beach I visit after this would be faced with the inevitable comparison to the most tranquil, turquoise waters I’ve ever seen is quite high.


Like all good things, this trip had to come to an end and I couldn’t help but be grateful for my window seat, which allowed me to catch one more glimpse of the thousands of stunning coral islands that dotted this part of the Indian Ocean.

Facials and Manicures at a stopover? Yes, please!

After a four-hour flight, we landed at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport where we were in for yet another surprise.

Like most folks, my late-night stopovers usually consist of me awkwardly trying to find the best position to catch a snooze on a cold, single bench. Thankfully, this one was different.


Trust me, if you can treat yourself to a refreshing facial while trying out some of the latest beauty products – the legendary Crème de la Mer being a must try! – then go for it. Not only does it allow you to give your skin a break from the drying inflight experience (your skin really dries out when you’re on an airplane so always make sure to take loads of liquids), but it also happens to be one of the most relaxing experiences too.

Window shopping was also on the to-do list and it was incredible seeing the shops filled with the latest collections from different designers. From Hermes to Burberry and of course the classic Tiffany & Co.; there were loads of gorgeous pieces waiting to find new homes in new closets.


Thankfully we had time to squeeze in a quick and much-needed manicure before boarding our flight back to Nairobi while enjoying some gourmet, chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. Nom.

There’s really nothing like a quick pamper session to get you feeling even more refreshed and ready to face the trip back home. What an incredible and memorable journey this was!


A big thank you to Qatar Airways for being Our2Cents’ Official Airline Sponsor for the 100th episode, Qatar Duty Free for giving us an incredible experience at Hamad International Airport and Club Med SA for letting us explore your Club Med Kani resort as our Official Accommodation Sponsor! Click HERE to watch Our2CentsInMaldives celebrate 100 episodes!

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