China unveils the world’s first tree top glass toilet


A glass tree-top toilet block has been unveiled in China.

The bizarre tourist attraction, which is a block of cubicles inside a building made entirely from glass and is perched on the top of trees in the woods of Hunan, China, has attracted a lot of attention as it is the world’s first toilet block to be made entirely from the transparent material.

BBC news have reported the lavatories are located near Shiyan Lake in the southern Hunan province, and have only slightly frosted glass partitions to divide the men’s cubicles from the women’s.

Despite the new popular site only a few dared to open their bowels and use the toilets when they officially opened to the public.

It is hoped these bathrooms will encourage more people to visit the countryside around Changsha city and admire the spectacular views and autumn colours of its forests whilst relieving their bladder.

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