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  • John Kirui

    How low can these pple get? why target kids in a sunday school service? it’s also sad coz i might also be some1 who grew and went to sunday school but lost direction thru his years and became a sympathizer coz of the depth of ignorance that he carries…Mlango kubwa is near Eastleigh which is seemingly the source of ths explosives! feeling really bad since i am a parent with a kid who i’ll still have to take thru sunday school for the religious teachings he requires…God please protect us and continue to guide us from further attacks and consequent casualties..

  • The logic behind capturing #alshabab stronghold and failing to secure the country internally puzzles me greatly!!

    • upuzi_tele

      This is what happens when you have a president who really doesn’t give a damn what happens to Kenyans. Failing to protect Kenyans in Kenya is a crime worse than what the terrorists have done.

      • judyk

        true. Kenya is in a state of lawlessness right now. This is just one horrific expression of this alarming state of affairs. A friend robbed violently at home at gunpoint last week said police expressed frustration and said violent crime had spiked way beyond their control in last four months. People are being killed in all manner of ghastly ways and they have no means of stemming the tide. Now add to that deadly climate this tragic cowardly act. Where are our leaders? Is anyone working for us? Do any of those idiotic MP’s, Ministers, Counsellors, etc give a dam??? What needs to happen for them to care – a grenade lobbied into their living rooms?

  • Tice

    How ironic! St Polycarp: burned at the stake and then stabbed to death when the flames failed to consume him! The child has been delivered from a world where religion is the enemy of us all!

    • Hercules

      the child has not been “delivered” you idiot, instead a great loss has happened for the child’s family. Our wishes and thoughts are with the family. The bigger question remains – what is the governments plan to protect us from all these cowards fleeing from Somalia into Kenya?

  • Truly a cowardly act. In the name of religion? Why, attack God’s angels? You aint going far.

  • amwalomet

    What we need in this country is prayer and repentance. I am aware that many in Kenya do even believe in God let alone prayer. But for a Nation that boasts 80% Christian adherents the ease with which we dismiss the power of prayer, repentance and forgiveness is amazing. We must recognize that this is a SPIRITUAL WAR initiated and conducted by wicked, malicious demonic principalities and powers of darkness who use mortal men and women (who may or may not know they are being manipulated) to forment chaos. If you do not subscribe to God’s existence and prayer I ask you to briefly forget your preconceived mindset and start by reading the Christian Bible: Start with the Letter to the Ephesians. It might shock you out of your slumber and ignorance!

    • upuzi_tele

      Wake up my friend, Kenyans are being killed inside churches so stop preaching to us what we already know? Do you think those killed inside churches were there drinking beer? Start by doing those miracles you always show us on TV by making al shabab see the light first before preaching to us through the internet.

  • Some of the many reasons that we shall ever be missing the late Hon. John Njoroge Michuki as Internal security minister for, Eastleigh and the likes should now have been cleaned off grenades like the way Nairobi river got its new face under him along other ills.

  • Justin Kipkoech

    Am very much annoyed.Since I heard about the news I have not been able to control tears flowing down my cheeks.Why children of all the targets?War has now been brought right to our doorstep.Our brothers from other faiths should decide if they want us to live with them in peace or not.

  • Peter Chege.

    We have been saying this all these idiots are holed up in Eastleigh, this place has been invaded by Somalis Just seal off Eastleigh, get a thousand GSUs, a thosand KDF and other available unit then flush out these al shabaabs from these place i believe there are alot of them in there.

    • upuzi_tele

      I agree, and this should have been done a long time ago. The problem is the government really doesnt care what happens to Kenyans.

  • Carolus

    To kill the Chistians. This is the respect of islamic people Vs. other religions.

  • Mkenya|Patriot

    honestly they are just making it bad for the kenya-somali residents…. coz it will reach a point we will start deporting these muslim assholes back to their shit country…they can bomb each other how ever they want from there.

  • thoushallnotkill


  • Hilda Muthoni

    People seem to be so heartless is this Kenya really???and what is our government doing about this it is almost 2years gone since the past attack of grenade attacks we are almost coming to elections soon next year something must be done in this country how can one attack the church they cannot give respect to the house of God hurting innocent kids May the Almighty kip us safe from all kind of evil.

  • boniface

    too too bad for shabaab to kill innocent kids…

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