Trey Songz in Nairobi for Coke Studio Africa Season 4



Grammy award-winning American R&B/hip hop singer and songwriter Trey Songz is currently in Kenya to feature as a guest star on the upcoming fourth season of Coke Studio Africa themed Discover. He was unveiled in front of hundreds of top media from East Africa on Wednesday 21st September 2016 at a Coke Studio Africa Nairobi press conference, held at one of Coke Studio Africa Season 4 recording studios at Film Studios.


Trey Songz was joined by a cross section of the African artistes set to collaborate with him. They included Nyashinski (Kenya), Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania), Yemi Alade (Nigeria), Lij Michael (Ethiopia), Stonebwoy (Ghana), Neyma (Mozambique), Serge Beynaud (Ivory Coast), Rema Namakula (Uganda), Emtee (South Africa) and the South African celebrity producer Maphorisa of the Soweto Baby hit fame.

Speaking exclusively on his Coke Studio Africa stint and his first time in Kenya at a press conference, Trey Songz said, “I am very happy to be in Kenya and to be working with a stage full of very talented artistes. The beauty and part I love about Coke Studio Africa is to work with artistes like myself who represent where they are from to the fullest. We have already started working on a great record and I am excited about the music that we have coming.”

Coke Studio Africa is Coca-Cola’s flagship African music show. It is a non-competitive music show that brings together diverse African music talent for world-class showcases, while giving upcoming artistes the opportunity to work with some of the best local and international music and production talent. It brings together artistes from different genres, eras and regions to create a modern and authentic African sound through music fusion.  


  • JustusAtuti

    We all know your target is no other than Raila Odinga. You are filled with egocentrism,selfishness and hate for him. You will never equate his achievement for our nation with any politician today. Call yourselves activists. You are a group of haters and idlers,goons for hire by selfish politicians. Raila Odinga is clean

    • @JustusAtuli: PM Raila has no achievements pal. They are only mere songs that cant be collaborated. All his claims of having done this or that cant stand any scrutiny at all. He is a character built on quicksand. First, he purports to have fought for us when he was jailed for getting involved in a tribal coup. But selfish village matters cant be paraded as national issues at whatever guise. He also supposed “brought” the multiplicity of parties. But that again, is an odd lie. When Kenyans were fighting for same, the character was still in remand or in detention. And when he came out, he was so shell-shocked that when rumours to the effect that he was going to be locked up again, he fled the country clad in buibui (veil) like a lady! He surfaced after multipartyism was realized. Again, he purpots to have brought the new constitution, but his hands were soaked in a amazing drunken confusion. Even to this day, he keeps on saying that there were watermelons and even opposition to new law. But was that really the case? Religious leaders and the likes of brother Hon. Ruto only wanted amendments to the document before passage. So how were they opposed to it if all they wanted was amendments? And does taking shocking misplaced position amount to giving us a new law?

      Finally, the integrity case was actually brought about by Raila’s men. They were attempting to train their guns on others but it never went the way they wanted. It was one way of telling us that “no leader was clean” after brother Miguna Miguna tore Raila in to shreds. It was selfish dishonesty of the worst kind. However, they had to engage a reverse gear after it became more serious and crippling for ttheir man. In the circumstances, you are being very economical with truth by blaming others. Or perhaps, you are wallowing in one hell of ignorance!

      • doreen

        Pratt i wish your statements made sense!

      • JustusAtuti

        Kwessi,unfortunately you cant rewrite history.Only fools will buy your careless uncalculated statements.Only insincere Kenyans will close their eyes against the achievements of Raila Odinga and his political and social track record.Unless you deliberately want to distort the truth,which you cant anyway no matter how many bombastic words you may introduce to your language,it will be hard for you to sell your fallacy. Raila Odinga,no matter how you try to taint him remains the reason why finally Kenyans can breath and speak against tyranny.YOU CANT CHANGE HISTORY

        • @JustusAtuli: But how mister? You are just repeating the same same stale stuff twisted to mislead! Cant you be substantive and tell us why he is what you are claiming? Even pirates are entertainers pal!

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