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  • doreen

    The project’s prospects are dwindling………

  • JustusAtuti

    KinithiaMbugua, it is a shame that,after impoverishing Kenyans through rampant corruption in the police force,you are now moving a step to perfect it and you have started from a wrong footing. You are joining TNA, not as a matter of principle, but because it is the party of the house of Mumbi where you belong, to build home. Your interest is not national but regional and tribal. I hail Wako for joining ODM and not a Luyiah party

    • Honest one

      ..Justus…After Wako introducing,instilling and protecting corruption for over 2 decades…he finally joins ODM…not because of his tribe…but..because of the non-reformers…btw…TNA won in Masai land and Eldoret….

      • JustusAtuti

        I am not hailing Amos Wako for his past. I am not saying he didnt do injustic to our society. Atleast he shows out that he knows the truth.He is joining the right side of the divide to push Kenya forward against the enemies of change.He didnt join the tribal parties like UDF,FORD K,New Ford K etc which have a Luyiah following.He instead chose to go national.I want to wake you up to the fact that TNA won in saitotis home tuff because infact it is almost only Kikuyus in that area.Tell me a single Kikuyu who voted outside TNA.NOT A SINGLE ONE…….ENO NE PARTY YA NYOMBA What did Kinuthia do? He jumped to party ya nyomba…….what is shebesh and wanjiru doing?…party ya nyomba.This is a big shame as a matter of principle,and am not blaming them. they know the kikuyu will not vote them if they were not in the party ya nyomba!It is not principle here!they are defending their fat salaries in parliament…atleast for now.

        • @JustusAtuti: What truth does Wako know? He is one of those guys who were masters of impunity, the same thing you are accusing Mbugua of. You are only being tribal, because you believe selective truth lies where your loyalty is! Wako is a tribalist whose shine went dim long long time ago. He joined merchants of deceit because they helped him stay in office for several months. Infact, I suspected an agreement to join Odm was signed then. And if thats indeed the case, we are talking of coruption here! Odm has never pushed Kenya forward. If anything, they have engaged the country on a reverse gear, albiet against fierce opposition from those who understand their empty designs.
          Enemies of the country are those who steal NHIF funds and pretend nothing happened. Indeed they are those who bring cancerous maize in the country while pretending they are as pure as snow. Surely, enemies are those who swindle Kazi Kwa Vijana funds and raise fictitious excuses, including false documents and feign empty ignorance. I believe enemies of the country are those who use their kinsmen in the media to cover up their thievery. Why would one who indeed has given public money to non-existent clinics arrogantly pretend all is well and even crudely appoint his own board? And as if thats not enough, attempt to raise NHIf charges? First things first! A thief can not judge in his own case pal! But you see he thinks with his little political science thing, Kenyans cant beat him! Thats a REAL ENEMY pal!!!!
          When sisters Bishop Wanjiru and Shebbesh were singing your own songs, naturally they were not tribalists! But when they were shown by words and deeds that they had no “Os” in their names, they realized the truth you are talking about were fictitious. We have seen over the years that those who dont agree with merchants of deceit are regarded as enemies and tribalists. Furthermore, how many luo Mps belong to other parties apart from the village thing you are calling Odm? The luo outfit is actually the mother of all tribalism! But you know thieves are very good at pointing fingers to misdirect. The sickening thing is that you always fail to understand that, whatever the case, there is always a tommorow.

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