Beyoncé ‘always’ wants to wear high heels


Beyoncé “always” wants to wear high heels with her outfits, and regularly quizzes British stylist Karen Langley if a pair of stilettos will go with her ensemble.

The 36-year-old stylist has admitted the 35-year-old singer – who she began working with five years ago when Karen styled her for Dazed & Confused magazine cover shoot five years ago – relies on her to break her “comfort zone” and constantly quizzes Karen on whether she can pair every ensemble with a pair of platform shoes.

Speaking to The Times newspaper about the mother of one – who has four-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with her husband Jay Z – said: “She comes to me when she wants to go beyond her comfort zone.

“Beyoncé is always up for wearing a designer she’s never heard of. I constantly have my eye out. When i first styled her for Dazed, I put her in a Givenchy top, a vintage Pucci swimsuit and latex suspenders. She loves it – it’s one of her favourite covers.

“Beyoncé was always saying, ‘Yeah, but could you wear this with heels?’ Because for her working out is always done in heels, dancing. She’s the best person to work with.

“When there’s a dance routine, I go to rehearsals to see how she moves. In that way, it’s like working with an amazing model or an incredible photographer – I know that she’ll move and perform in it to the best possible standard. But she had to be able to do her job and dance in [the clothes]. ”

And Karen – who is the creative director of the active wear line Ivy Park, which Beyoncé launched in March this year – has admitted the inspiration for the sportswear capsule came from both the powerhouse and Karen wanting a brand that “spoke” to them.

Karen explained: “I was in the same situation that B was in. There weren’t any sportswear brands that spoke to us – most do that ‘shrink it, pink it’ thing – and we didn’t want to spend that much money for the ones that don’t. I used to slum it at the gym, but with Ivy Park you see women eyeing up your outfit.”

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