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  • singha1

    where will he get the people? they are abroador private and earning more than he pays.

    • upuzi_tele

      Find out the unemployment rate in Kenya first, before asking that question.

      • singha1

        not everyone is a qualified doctor. Kenya has only 7450 doctors on register,3000 in government and the rest abroad or in government. Unless he gets Ugandans,yet they wont fill the gap

  • Law_abiding

    Can the minister eat humble pie and get this nation moving by talking to doctors? Kenyans are dying yet he issues threats from an office and when he needs medical assistance – he goes abroad. Bw Waziri, even apprentice mechanics are paid for their labour, albeit at a lower rate than the qualified ones. Why stop the hospitals (KNH & MTRH) from paying registrars against the money they bring in? It’s true we cannot force the exchequer to sponsor private students, but when they bring in money through their services – pay them. I am even told prisoners on release are paid ‘some money’ for their labour!!!!

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