Debunked: 5 Myths About Travel and Tourism


(Lilian Gaitho)

Tourists are obnoxious, high minded people who think they are better than the locals, right? Wrong. A lot of myths and fables are told about travelers; some right and some awfully wrong. Jumia Travel seeks to debunk some common myths spread about mostly out of sheer ignorance.

You Need to be rich to travel

This must be the greatest misconception of travel. That you need to amass wealth before you hit the road to tick off your bucket list. However, as experience, both mine and from fellow wanderlusts have shown me; you do not have to kill your dreams for the lack of money. You may not make it to the world’s top-list destination, but a budget holiday closer home will make a great starting point. Alternatively, you may consider using less expensive means of transport, accommodation and basic living expenses, therefore make it possible to venture out without causing a lifetime dent on your earnings.

A city break is not holiday enough

Beach and bush has been hyped for long as the ideal holiday experience. There is however much to experience in a city if you decide to take that route. On top of the hustle and bustle that’s unique to every city on the global map, activities such as sight seeing, public transport and amenities, shopping, culinary and clubbing all present endless opportunities to break from the familiar and find some exhilarating experiences in world capitals and urban centers.

Budget travel equals dirt and grit

No myth can be as far from the truth, as the belief that you cannot carry some style and chic aura on your penny-stretch tours. Not true at all, while luxury will definitely not describe your stay, it does not necessarily need to be rough. Whether you are looking for a bit of culture, social experience, or pure sightseeing; do intensive research to ensure that you cover your costs comfortably and to your planned spending. For instance, if you are backpacking, you can opt to carry a portable washing machine and drier to avoid walking around in the same clothes for days on end. It’s important that you observe basic hygiene practice, regardless of your budget.

Self guided tour is cheaper

Not necessarily. This is because, sometimes tour operators have a rapport with hotels and other providers who gladly give them discounted rates and group offers rarely offered to individual travelers. Also, having someone to refer to and trust with your planning, especially on first time destinations offers peace of mind allowing one to fully immerse themselves in their holiday as opposed to constantly worrying about various aspects of the tour.

Responsible travel is a vocation

Responsible travel basically means showing respect to all those involved and touched by your tours as well as the environment and habit you encounter. It is thus not a calling, but a need that each of us should fulfill. Once out and about on your escapades, ensure that you do not cause harm to neither the human race nor the wildlife along your way. A simple rule is to leave a place better than you find it – and if not – as is.

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