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  • doreen

    Can Hon.Githae tell kenyans why he should continue serving as minister….if it takes 4 weeks to agree-where was he all this time ,where as the money come from now!

  • franc

    This shows why we need bureaucrats to run ministries three weeks of no work

  • Me Here

    The minister should be surcharged for the three lost weeks. Teachers know better than to agree on any staggered payment. Mutula has eaten a humble pie. Kibaki should sack these two ministers and cite them as a liability to the country.
    Sacking teachers en mass was going to take down the economy of this country. Most banks and SACCOS that employ hundreds rely on teachers; loaning their money at high interest rates for survival and teachers have taken these loans in hundreds of millions of shillings with their payslips as the only security. Taking away these payslips would have taken down some banks and loss of jobs in the financial sector.
    Most money that circulates in the rural areas comes from teachers’ pay i.e. milk bills, mama mboga, house girl etc.
    Teachers are spread across all families dictating the village economies.
    Whoever had advised the government to play games needs to be disciplined.

  • Githae has been buying time and I think he should take the so called political responsibility

  • in a nutshell githae does not fit to be a minister, uhuru,raila,kalonzo,ruto can’t be trusted with the presidency as they were MUM during the time of difficulty. TEACHERS FOR MAMA ”KARUA”. we are yet to win industrial war SG, SOSSION………. its too little too late, u wanted us to go back to class empty handed and what happened to your warrior blood?

  • morgan

    hehe tryin 2 mean that every situation gets solved by striking

  • ben mumira

    hon githae is becoming a liability to kenya.

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