#FindOfTheWeek: The all-natural skin nourishing toner from Africology!

Find of the Week - Africology 1

You know you’re in for a treat when a beauty product has the words: 100% Natural Essential Oils spread out in bold on it.

Grapefruit seed, lavender, rooibos, sugarcane, lemon peel extract, African potato and aloe vera are just some of the ingredients that make up this week’s major find. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, wait till you hear how it helps firm up and brighten your skin! Jackpot.


The Africology Tonic Anti-Reactive toner is a great product meant to even out and soothe your skin as well as stimulate cell renewal.

Africology was conceptualized in the early 2000 by a massage therapist and aromatherapist known as Renchia Droganis, all from her kitchen in Johannesburg, South Africa. 15 years later and her award winning beauty products can be found in some of the best hotels and spas in the world.

And after using the Tonic Anti-Reactive for the past one week, I think I know why her line is a cult beauty product in spas.

Find of the Week - Africology 2

What’s In It?

This treatment is targeted towards oily or combination skin and contains bilberry which has resveratrol and quercetin, two incredible anti-aging agents.

It also has sugar cane which is a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids which clear, exfoliate and decongest the skin.

To use it, spritz this refreshing ointment on your cleansed face. Wait for any excess residue to dry then follow up with a serum and moisturizer.

It always leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized unlike most toners which can really dry out your skin. I’d definitely recommend giving this all natural product a try if you happen to have sensitive skin or are looking for something new.

Item: Africology Tonic Anti-Reactive

Price: approximately KES4,000

Available at: Amadiva Salon at 14 Riverside, Ashleys Beauty Spa at Westgate, Serenity Spa in Gigiri, Hemingways Spa in Karen, Medina Palms Spa in Watamu


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