Chocolate scientist gets taste buds insured for Sh134.7 million

chocolate scientist

A chocolate scientist has had her taste buds insured for £1 million (Sh134.7 million).

Hayleigh Curtis, who is part of the Cadbury Innovation team, has been covered for the mega sum with specialist insurers Lloyd’s of London.

As a part of the contract, Hayleigh must avoid sword swallowing, eating Fugu fish and chilli peppers with a Scoville heat rating of greater than 350,000, which could compromise her ability to taste and render the insurance void.

n making sure that they taste great above all else.”

Hayleigh Curtis, who has the title of Chocolate Scientist at Cadbury, commented: “This is a really exciting day for me. I’ve grown up with Cadbury and it has always played a really important role in my life, so it’s great to be part of a team that sit at the global headquarters for chocolate invention at Mondelēz International. There is a lot of science that sits behind our chocolate innovation – from mouth feel to melting temperatures of chocolate – so with my tastes buds safeguarded I look forward to creating lots more deliciously tasting chocolate for years to come. “

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