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  • Bingu wa Mutharika

    I have no withdrawn my “Punda” from the race

  • kerbala

    There is nothing like two horse Race. kangema seat and Ndhiwa are in home provinces of Uhuru and Raila. kajiado North went to TNA because of tribal combination of kikuyu and maasai votes to give sakuda the win. Market ward in Eldoret North has kikuyus as majoriy and does not shake URP in Rift Valley. Bukura ward in kakamega was won on clan loyalty but not on popularity of ODM. l come from one of the clans in Bukura and l know the clan voting pattern even in the entire Lurambi constituency. The race will be between the following TNA, ODM, UDF, URP and Wiper. Dont rule out any of these parties. Any one of them will determine who will win in Round Two. Chest thumping will take Raila nowhere.

    • upuzi_tele

      Well said. Now that the by elections are all done, let’s wait for real thing on March 4th.

    • okuyu

      ok, let’s wait for rematch next year.

  • perepepe

    Going by the results of the by-election ODM can only win in Luo Nyanza. I suppose that makes it one of the Pundas crowding the field.

  • Abraham

    Any leader worth leading this country should not be talking of Constitution at all times. we need to focus ahead and think of new ideas that will keep up on the path to vision 2030. Kenyans should not be treated to the old politics of giving the country a new constitution, Now that we got it, let our leaders tell us of other better things. This history and old stories of past events may not take us anywhere we need practical solutions to enable us move forward towards the vision.

    • okuyu

      actually a good leader should tell us how he is going to implement the constituition if elected, and i believe that is what RAO does often Mr. Abraham.

  • PM Raila like my brother Uhuru are diluting themselves that they are popular. The results in the three constituencies were known even before the polling day! Kangema and Kajiado North were sure wins for TNA. Thats because of tribalism. Close to 50% of Kajaido North’s population is mainly Kikuyu. That the candidate was Masai meant that a few of their votes plus Kikuyu votes were to tip the balance. Even the fact that leaflets were dropped in the area urging for election of only Masai candidate, suggest that they were taken very seriously indeed by the local people. Needless to add that, PM Raila, as usual, played tribal card by saying that Masai land had been grabbed by outsiders. That incitement might have turned the tide given that only Masai candidates got reasonable votes.
    In Ndhiwa, Odm has nothing to celebrate. The fact that Raila went there to incite people against none Odm candidates and there was even violence, point to a very sad situation indeed. Raila simply told people of Ndhiwa that luos should forget the presidency if they gave their votes to another party. Here again, it was clear he was threatening luos to decide whether they wanted his presidency or none of it. I guess, thats why opponents were viciously attacked overnight. Of course, Raila had pushed the idea that other candidates were a threat to lou presidency. Thats not acceptable and National Cohesion Commission should move against him for using tribalism to cause trouble. Furthermore, Raila has been very contemptous to the Commission!
    In by-elections, anyone can win especially when lorded with alot of money. We have seen it over the years. Infact, most candidates who win during such elections hardly make it in elections proper. But guys like PM Raila who uses single propaganda against a single candidate, cant handle it when many candidates are involved. Thats why were attempts to moot the so called two horse race were even there before the by-elections. With a crowded field, Raila not only becomes bewildered but totally hopeless. You only need to look at previous elections and realize the idea of two horse race has always came from him. He certainly cant deal with multiple candidates!
    With ICC case, brother Uhuru is totally a desperate man. He believes he can stop the court once he became president. His dictatorial attempts to force other central region parties to join his TNA, point to that too. But is Kenya prepared to be used as shield by an accused individual? Can the country really withstand pressure from the west? Can the international community allow brother Uhuru to use presidency to escape justice? Someone is obviously under-estamating the enormity of the challenges that lay a head. Guys like brother Tony Gachoka can make all the right noises, but we need to understand that when those crimes were committed, the coming election was never the issue. To insist that the crimes are being used to impose regime change is to miss the point. Even this futile lame excuse of saying that ICC “cleared” our brothers to run for presidency doesnt hold any water. Thats because we know what happens to ordinary folks when they are involved in such crimes. ICC DID NOT change our laws! They only expressed an opinion after the above claims were persistantly paraded. The new constitution was also meant to even the scale of justice not to reinforce impunity.
    Thus, its upon Kenyans to read carefully pronouncements made by both PM Raila and brother Uhuru. They are all meant to arrest us in order to serve in selfish enterprise. Kenyans are being asked to fold up other parties because the two guys won by-elections in their respective villages! We are being told to see them as our saviors when they are armed with one hell of tribalisms. What have the two guys done in terms of development of this country? What single idea or project can be attributed to them? They are in effect telling us that only big tribes should rule this country. They dont want us to go for the best man as democracy demands. They want us to go for empty tribal numbers! Will we ever get out of our problems if this is the way to go? Our media should guard us against this vile attempts to choose leaders for us on basis of tribalism.

    • okuyu

      If you are not for Raila, Uhuru or the so called big tribes ruling Kenya then sell us your ideal candidate we put him or her on the weighing scale.

      • @okuyu: You are getting the wrong signal pal. We need to have independence of choice and not being told that empty tribalists are our only saviors. We need to have as many candidates as possible. Once we hear from them is only when we can make informed choice. To attempt to parade two questionable fellows before Kenyans just because they won by-elections in their respective villages is to mislead.

        Am NOT interested in the tribal aspect of the matter. I just want Kenyans to be afforded opportunity to decide who they want without fingers being pointed out for them. You havent noticed even the nearly appointed minister for internal security is being branded Uhuru ally, why? He was initially elected in by-election on DP ticket when the other guy died. He has retained his seat ever since on president Kibaki’s subsequent parties. So when didnt he become Uhuru project? Kenyans should watch merchants of deceit to avoid being driven to a quicksand disguised as well yielding fertile soil!

  • Natty Dread

    Yes, it was indeed a two horse race. The thoroughbred trained well and won, while the mule chewed cud at the blocks and forgot to react to the opening of the gates….Hahahahaha!

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