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  • Congratulation to the Winners and to the Voters who turned out to vote and for the way they conducted them self during and after the results announcements. It showed we are on the right path towards the 2013 general Election by voting in Peace and agreeing on the Winner.

  • we are doing well

  • Congratulation to winners and losers for giving us a peaceful election, this is the democratic way to go.

  • It is congratulations to Voters for their worthy conduct and the IEBC for their professionalism. I would however urge the the government to to declare even by-election days public holidays to boost voter turn out to avoid a repeat of what we had at Kajiado North; results which are determined by only 30% of the voting population which of course may be unrepresentative.

  • perepepe

    Well done TNA! All we are waiting for is Angela Ambitho of Infotrak and Ceaser Handa of Strategic Research to release…(cook) new polls and tell us that by ODM retaining the safe seat of Ndhiwa, Raila’s popularity has sky-rocketed to over 50% and he will win first round. I guarantee we will have a poll out by end of next week aimed at manipulating and brainwashing the electorate.

  • You simply dont stamp your authority by winning in the village. Unless of course you are being crowned a tribal chief! Kenyans should go for the best not mere purposeless tribal numbers. The country has been held back by tribalism for far too long. We are being misdirected by people whose motives and even leadership have remained wanting. Tribalism should NEVER EVER be used as yardstick for better leadership. Guys who are coming up with this story of two horse race are desperate in one way or another. Kenyans should wake up to see the mischief in all this!

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