Kanye West blasted over cost of clothing line

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Rap star Kanye West has been blasted over the cost of his Life of Pablo clothing range.

Kanye West has come under fire for the cost of his Life of Pablo clothing range.

The rap star’s T-shirts are printed on Gildan shirts with Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s gothic lettering, which the lifestyle and fashion website Highsnobiety has claimed costs between $1.50 to $4 when purchased in bulk and wholesale.

But when sold with West’s lettering added, a Pablo T-shirt costs $55, a long-sleeve one is $75 and a hoodie for $108.

The situation has led to criticism from fans online, but a source close to the ‘All Day’ rapper has rubbished their moans.

The insider told the New York Post newspaper: “The sourcing has nothing to do with the aesthetics or the value of the line … To talk about the source of the shirt misses the point entirely. It’s like writing an article on how an artist sells a $50 canvas for $1 million. Pointless.”

Earlier this year, Kanye hit back at critics of his fashion designs during one of his now-infamous Twitter rants.

He said: “All these journalists can give their opinions well these are mine … yes I believe in my ripped homeless sweaters!!!

“I don’t personally like suit jackets anymore.

“I especially hate suit jackets on women… that was a groundbreaking idea 5 million years ago!

“I feel we are so stuck in the past and tradition.

“I like T-shirts and women in yoga pants… I live in LA that’s what people wear … not sure why someone would put a suit jacket on with that. (sic)”

Kanye also blasted the fashion industry more broadly, accusing it of being insincere.

He wrote on Twitter: “Fake Fake Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake … just my analysis (sic)”

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