Rebirth Garments produces gender non-conforming wearables


Now there’s a fashion house that specifically caters to people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability. Rebirth Garments specializes in gender non-conforming wearables and accessories.

Rebirth Garments are designed and made by hand by Sky Cubacub. As a Gender Queer Person of Color from Chicago, IL with life long anxiety and panic disorders, Sky Cubacub first dreamed of this collection during high school.

The line creates a community where all people can confidently express their individuality and identity. The identity of QueerCrip is a politicized umbrella term that encompasses queer, gender nonconforming identities, visible and invisible disabilities/ disorders—physical, mental, developmental, emotional etc. In particular, the trans* and disabled communities have very particular clothing needs that are not adequately served by mainstream clothing designers. Instead of being centered on cisgender, heterosexual, white, thin people, Rebirth Garments is centered on QueerCrip people.

Rebirth Garments challenges mainstream beauty standards that are sizest, ableist, and conform to the gender binary. Instead, they maintain the notion of Radical Visibility, a movement based on claiming our bodies and, through the use of bright colors, exuberant fabrics, and innovative designs, highlighting the parts of us that society typically shuns.

Rebirth Garments is currently on Kickstarter. Check out their project before it expires on Friday, Sep 16, 2016.


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