Picks: The Tisek Stack



Beads, aluminium, brass, bone and to a degree semi-precious stones are the materials most associated with African jewellery. And the Kenyan brand ZikoAfrika have designed some incredible pieces using these materials—their black bone collar necklace with a brass chain was one of the first designs featured on But their use of Perspex (a type of acrylic glass) has become a signature of the brand’s aesthetic.

The decision to use this material was made in part due to the consistency it affords in production and the range of colours available, which lend to the brand’s contemporary feel. ZikoAfrika have used white and black and neon pink, blue and green Perspex.

Sisi King, a co-founder of ZikoAfrika, tells me that they decided to sell the ‘Tisek Stack’ as a set of two brass rings and one Perspex ring to give their customers the freedom to express their individuality by stacking the rings in any way they choose.

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