New map locates men with the largest penis


A new map has been drawn up to combine the average penis size across the world.

Forget using a map of the world to pick your next holiday destination, how about using it to find the country that has the men with the largest erect penis’?

Target Map, a new colour-coded interactive graphic gives you just that.

Users can highlight the different sizes of men’s genitals depending on where they are from.

The findings show African men have the largest penises, with countries like Ghana, the Congo and Gabon, measuring in excess of 16 centimetres on average .

And Asian guys have the smallest with countries like India, Thailand and South Korea sporting an average size between 9.3 and 10.5 cetimetres.

The sizing has been given traffic light colour coding – with red being the largest, followed by orange, yellow and green as the smallest.

Australia comes second, with an average penis size of more than 14.7 centimetres along with Mexico, Norway, Italy and Sweden.

The UK, US, Germany and France sit in the middle of the penis size scale with an average size ranging between 12.9 and 14.7 centimeters

Whilst Japan, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil come just above the Asian countries with typical sizes measuring 10.5 to 12.9 centimeters.

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