#WeddingInspiration: 100 Years of wedding cake trends

wedding cake trend - 4

For someone who’s in the process of planning their wedding, I can assure you that I’ve stared at hundreds of wedding cake images over the past nine months.

I now have a pretty good idea of what I want (“I” being the operative word since my fiancé would be just as happy if we have a five-tiered stand of mouth watering, fresh off the grill nyama choma. Not happening.) and have pretty much closed that chapter of wedding planning.

Word of advice: the more you stare at options, the more confusing it gets. So don’t be too hard on yourself and bombard yourself with too much research/options!

wedding cake trend - 1

But who could resist a look back at the cake trends that dominated weddings from the 1920s to date?

From simple, understated all-white cakes to over-the-top cake toppers, this video by mode.com shows you just how creative the wedding cake industry has gotten.

Which era of cake design tugs at your heart the most? Tweet me @thisisess and @CFMLifestyle and let me know!

Watch 100 years of wedding cake trends below:

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