#FindOfTheWeek: A magnetic face mask experience like no other!

find of the week - magnetic face mask

As luck would have it, my second find of the week feature happens to be yet another face mask (you can read about my first here). So let’s just say that you’re skin should be singing praises till kingdom come by the time you’re done trying this!

Today’s mask, however, brings a whole new meaning to iron man. Or should I say, iron woman.

The Botanifique Magnifique Facial Mask is uniquely infused with natural iron particles that actually require a magnet to take it off. This mask is also developed with  basil, sage and rosemary which, together with the natural irons, are meant to “magnetically strengthen the skin barrier, effortlessly lifting the complexion and enhancing beautiful vitality.”

Find of the week magnetic face mask 2

How to use this face mask

This was my second time using the mask and it was definitely less messy than the first. The mask also comes with a spatula and a small magnet.

Using the spatula, scoop a small amount out and apply an even layer to your face. Gently rub the product onto your face and wait 10minutes.

To prevent the magnet from getting dirty, wrap it in tissue and glide gently over your skin. If you’re anything like me, then this part is really going to amuse you!

Find of the week magnetic face mask 1

Once you take all the particles out, you’ll notice that a thin layer of oil was left behind. Gently rub this into your skin.

It is recommended that you leave this serum on so that your skin can fully absorb the moisture but because I don’t like the messy look it leaves behind, I allow my skin to soak it in for another ten minutes then I rinse it off and follow up with serum and a moisturiser.

I’ve got to say, I love pampering myself with face masks but this has got to be the most unique experience ever!

Item: Botanifique Magnifique Facial Mask

Price: KES6,300

Available: Baraka Israel and at House of Treasures Emporium


– Look out for more interesting products that I’ll be sharing in the Find of the Week series!

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