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  • njeru

    wish michuki was alive this brutal killings would be stories

  • Mkenyamjanja

    The death toll at Tana is about 50per day. The PM has given us 48 hrs to take action. Simple mathematics tells us that 100 more to die then the govt to respond. Can this Langata legislator stop politiking……he is giving us this time line so that action can be taken by other quaters and he will bask in this glory.

  • ukweli mtupu

    I was struck with awe and thoroughly inspired when the President the other day made ‘executive orders’ for KAF to airlift the injured and the dead PCEA congregants from Tanzania following a road accident. I was expecting he would exercise similar ‘discretion’ in Tana River ‘man made’ disaster – airlift the injured to KNH or CGH, set up field hospitals, make immediate visit to the area, provide relief and all other humanitarian support. These are things (lack of central Government empathy and inaction in times of calamity) that alienate other communities from the rest of ‘Kenya’ and stoke ethnic animosity and agitation for secession because they believe and their leaders tell them that they are excluded from main stream resource allocations – they have no roads, hospitals, drugs, schools, water, pasture, industries and amongst all security – they continue living like our forefathers and at the mercy of Allah!

    • @ukweli mtupu: You are cleverly involved in hate speech pal. Its immoral! First, these ladies were involved in accident outside our borders. They received multiple fractures and worse. Our Embassy in Tanzania confirmed that the country didnt have facilities to treat such cases. President’s action must be seen on that light. In Tana Delta, there were no fractures, only panga cuts, burns, very few arrow and bullet holes. These were taken care of in the nearby health centres and hospitals. Serious cases were taken to Malindi District hospital. The raiders were actually killing not injuring! Government has flown alot of people with serious injuries to right places in the country. But it cant of course airlift for treatment victims of fists fights to Nairobi!

    • peter G

      Thanks Pratt,

      @ Ukweli Mtupu, you are the kind of people Kenya does not need. Just like your leader you are thrive in malice and other vises associate with it.

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