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  • mkenya

    This a chilling story of how Kikuyus mafia are brutalizing poor Kenyans and are left scott free. Kabogo is enjoying government powers while te victim is dead. Why does Kenya dream of 2030 visions when it cannot guarantee security to the Tana clashes and no justice. Kabogo God will catch up with him. I would like Mugo Kibati to read this and stop his illusions of 2030.

  • mkenya

    Just like wild animals where the more powerful animals like Lions and elephants treat other small animals, few greedy Kenyans like Kabogo can afford to tample poor university lady and also serve as an Mp peaceful ? then what is the role of a government if the same government has rotten -bloody animal like individual. One thing iam sure one day Kabogo’s children’s children will pay for this innocent blood. He can enjoy power now but God will catch up with him.

  • African moral DIVA

    ‘Rich divas for campus men’ episode 1 -[aped from the developed western world to totally corrupt the morals and minds of our young people so that they become hopeless, useless and directionless grown ups in future.Yet we have our on rich cultures that the real and true africans should be proud of ] ndio imeanza kimya kabisa hata kukohoa usidhubutu. I mean our leaders who should be looked upon as role models are the same ones destroying the future generation. GOD HELP OUR BELOVED DEAR KENYA

  • Mzalendo

    Why is Kibaki not suspending kabogo as an MP for him to follow due legal process! Is Kabogo still a free man or he is in custody for confirmed physical brutality against ms. Keino? I hope women rights activist will also participate in advocating for ms. Keino’s family.

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