Top fashion blogger Kristina Bazan releases video launching music career

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Personal style bloggers have been making a profound impact on the fashion industry for a while now. From getting front row seats at coveted runway shows to gracing international magazine covers, appearing on Forbes’ lists and making red carpet appearances next to A-list celebrities, there’s no doubt that these influencers are a force to be reckoned with.

I first learned about Kristina Bazan three years ago and was captivated by her piercing blue eyes and impeccable sense of style. I obviously wasn’t the only one because she was soon working with some of the world’s biggest luxury brands and flying all over the world to attend exclusive events.

On her blog, she would occasionally mention her love for singing and share her dreams to pursue music – something that seemed quite far removed from the usual transitions a blogger would make into fashion design, writing a book or consulting.

And yet Bazan never seemed to simply fit the mould – even with her sense of style – as I’m sure her 2.4million followers on Instagram would agree.

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The Switzerland-born beauty just released a video for her new single, Out. She describes her song to Harper’s Bazaar as “not a big pop anthem; it’s a moody, vibey, sexy song.”

Between juggling her role as L’Oreal Paris Brand Ambassador, jetting across the globe to different events and creating content for her millions of followers, Bazan also looks to dive into her music career and hopes to release her album in 2017.

Watch the debut video to her below:

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