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  • The tribal leaders, trying to whip ethnic emotions

  • KePatriot

    Have they suddenly become land grabbers now that there is a by election. When were these titles issued and by which Government . Is it the same that the PM is charged with overseeing all the ministries. This just go along way to show how our leaders are reckless in their utterances. Are we whipping the same tribal cards that were used in the last general election. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, can you.

  • kanges

    Surprise from PM, the call for change and reform we know took place when the new constitution was passed, Can he tell Kenyans what other change he keeps on talking about if its not the same thing he did of maginalizing Kikuyus as the (common enemy).What have you done for Kenyans for the ending term domo tu domo

  • PM Raila is the most divisive element in the country today. His ever foul pronouncements are geared to incite and create maximum bitterness. Of course, he either doesnt consider long term effects of his words, or simply his self-centredness cant allow him to embrace decency. A whole PM for the Republic should not surely resort to these kind of things to get votes. Why the lies? And how can one grab land in Kenya anyway? Cant the PM, if at all is genuine, seal the loopholes that allow the so called “grabbing” to take place? Five years now lands ministry has been on his hands!

    • Votes at all cost.
      Being a resident of Kajiado county of non-Maasai origin, having acquired property there and currently servicing, I have a reason to get worried.

  • Moses.. oops Peter Ole Mositet.

  • Tony

    I am truly surprised that we still condone this sort of behaviour. So who reprimands this chap,really or is he a law unto himself? Why do we let him run lose. I am grieved that we still haven’t learnt from the past.

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