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  • welcome home guys

  • serem

    welcome home my brothers. job well done.

  • walucho

    welcome home comrades

  • manu

    good work guys.. keep it up

  • the 400 who have returned are the ones replaced by units from the Special Forces and Ranger Strike Force who are highly trained on urban warfare ready to taken on Kismayu. ….BRAVO KDF!!

  • John

    Congrats, welcome home, you are true patriots for our peace loving nation. You have made me proud and happy as a Kenyan. Keep up the professional work. God bless you all and our country Kenya.

  • Am greatly proud of our service men! NO turning back guys until the job is done.

  • Deng

    bravo and job well done brothers. we have no place for Alqaeda in East Africa. go KDF Go. shout out from South Sudan

  • koski

    well done guys, we are up to the task again when any other arises attacks may occur! Bravo KDF…

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