This is why I’m obsessed with spirulina and why you should too

I’ve never been too keen about veggies.

Growing up I was that kid who secretly disposed of the greens that my mother would serve me for dinner in the oddest of places, leading to rat infestations at one point. You can only imagine what kind of a whooping I got when my mother finally discovered what was going on!

To be honest, it was only a couple years ago when I started to take a keen interest in my health and willfully gravitate towards salads, green juices and even the cod liver oil (which you can read more about here).

I do try and eat healthier these days  (mostly because I’d like glowing, baby-soft skin but also because I want my insides to thank me in 30 years time) and as a result, I started being on the lookout for high level supplements.

What is Spirulina

I accidentally stumbled on this supplement when I was out grocery shopping and was completely dumbfounded when I read up on all its benefits.

Spirulina is a natural algae that’s a beautiful deep green in colour but has a pungent fish scent to it. Consumed by both humans and animals, this superfood is a remarkable source of protein, vitamins and other nutrients.  I currently consume spirulina capsules daily (got mine from Chandarana) but you can also get it in powder form (from Healthy U) and add it to your smoothies, juice or even coffee.

Benefits of this superfood

Just in case you feel like your body could use some extra loving, here are 7 reasons why you should add this supplement to your diet:

  • Helps prevent cancer – Several tests have shown how this supplement increases production of anti-bodies and boosts your immune system. It could help put cancer at bay and build up your body.
  • Stronger hair and nails – Because of iron and other minerals found in this supplement, it’s bound to make your hair and nails healthier and stronger.                                  
  • Detox – Spirulina has high concentrations of chlorophyll making it making it out one of the most cleansing superfoods. Great if you want to detox and rid your body of heavy metals and toxins.
  • Boosts Energy – Feeling a little sluggish? Try adding spirulina to your morning smoothie bowl or glass of lemon water. It helps unlock sugar from cells and gives you a nice boost of energy.  
  • Helps with weight loss – Tests have shown that spirulina can help curb hunger and that the high protein levels also promote weight loss. Ideal if you’re looking to shed some kilos.
  • Clearer skin – If I’m being honest, this is the benefit I’m most excited about! The algae has high levels of vitamins and minerals. These can all help brighten your skin if you regularly consume the supplement.
  • Anti-ageing properties – Some of the vitamins found in spirulina really help to slow down ageing of your skin cells. Besides consuming it, you can also use it in your skin care routine by mixing some water with spirulina to create a facial mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off as this will help smoothen your skin as well as help prevent wrinkles.

If you’ve been using this superfood for a while, please tweet me how it’s been working for you @thisisess!

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