#Travel: World’s most functional travel bag

nomatic travel bag

Jon Richards and Jacob Durham, the brains behind successful KickStarter- funded projects such as The Basics Wallet and The Basics Notebook, are at it again with their latest product, The Nomatic Travel Bag.

Quite possibly the world’s most functional travel bag that adheres to international carry-on regulations and sporting more than 20 features, The Nomatic Travel Bag is probably the Salt lake City cousins’  most innovative product yet.

The NOMATIC Travel bag was designed for a 3-7 day trip. By combining the best features from a backpack, duffel bag and general luggage, the Nomatic Travel Bag helps you spend less time fussing with your luggage and more time enjoying your journey.

The NOMATIC Travel Bag has over 20 features that make it the most functional travel bag ever. On top of being packed with incredible functionality, the bag has a sleek minimalist design, is made of strong weather-proof materials and is built to last.  For the increased identity theft protection, the bag is equipped with an RFID safe pocket and a TSA approved lock. This “mini safe” keeps your scannable and valuable items safe during travel from pickpockets, room service, and other potential threats.

With 30 days to go on KickStarter, the project has already amassed more than their funding goal. Each travel set, which includes the travel bag, vacuum bag, and laundry bag is retailed for $200. But with the pre-order discounts, the super functional product is being offered at a respectable introductory price. Backers can expect their new travel bag to be delivered in January of 2017.