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  • Doreen

    Hon. Mutula there was an agreement … why was it made,why has it not been implemented

  • mitungu isaac

    HON Mutula and the govt should respect teachers we are equally trained like other civil servants

    • @mitungu isaac: Teachers can not hope to be respected and not seen to be up to somethimg sinister when they are singing this mapambano thing. We know who hopelessy sings that. And dont ever forget we know pretty well the political leanings of the Union leaders. That the current wave of strikes are stage-managed is not in doubt at all. Am sure a good number of teachers are not aware of that. My guess is that attempts to divert brother Miguna Miguna’s accusations against merchants of deceit are already underway. The idea is to cloud issues and let people forget about the serious matters raised by Miguna. Am sure you must have noticed how the ever big mouthed PM is ever quiet. Why this time round he hasnt faked attempts to negotiate with strikers? Even sister Ngilu’s belated entry in presidential race is another urging towards that end. Somebody is desperately trying to salvage his political career at the expense of the country! We need to keep our eyes wide open. My advice to the government is to toughen up or ignore some unreasonable demands. Furthermore, we got too many jobless teachers! Time to employ them perhaps?

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