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  • Interestingly, all these fellows who have been ridding on the same bus with merchants of deceit speak the same same language. PM Raila says president Kibaki owes him for opportunistically and in bad faith yelling “Kibaki Tosha!” It was in order to undercut Hon. Simeon Nyachae and self-preserve his Nyanza dynasty. Brother Mudavadi tells us brother Uhuru should repay him for his abortive suport in 2002. He was actually forced to support him or face the consequences. Options were even given. His cowardice made him melt like an ice! Thus, it wasnt a honest support, let alone being voluntary! Madam Ngilu is now at it.

    Perhaps, all these wicked debts are whats being paraded as reform agenda? The whole chain clearly tells us that the guys are armed with alot of nothing indeed! I can NEVER EVER vote for such carbon copies of empties! We need fresh ideas and new approach. Not the usual songs of reform that dont add any value at all to our lives. Hidding behind empty words of reform wont make any sense to Kenyans. They need all sincere practicality guys! And if your clothes were taken away while you were bathing, how are you going to face us in that naked state? Dont you think dressing up first would be a priority?

    • Who owes who what ? sad politics methinks, Ngilu is positioning herself , so she can be invited as a running mate from a : “point of strength…..”
      Any way who next for presidency? The more the merrier!

  • ali mohamed

    Ngilu is right, she has supported RAO when Balala, Ruto and Mudavadi left. RAO should say Tosha to mama Rainbow. RAO has never said Tosha to a lady, it is now time to demonstrate that he respect women by saying tosha to one

  • Njoki

    “In fact if president Kibaki was to be fair, he would now be saying that
    the leadership of this country is handed over to Charity Ngilu,” she
    insisted. – And what about democratic practice, the right to vote. Sometimes

    innocuous comments reveal the true nature of a person. Can we spared the public announcements of who owes whom for Kenya’s presidency? It is arrogance to talk of individual “king makers”, enough with “so and so tosha” brand of politicking!

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