Facts About Marriage and Prayer

couple pray

1. It is very difficult to cheat on or mistreat a spouse you pray for and with. If you want to be a great husband/wife, pray more as a couple.

2. Many marriages start right in prayer, the prayer at the wedding is highly valued; but as the marriage adds years, the couple becomes less prayerful and they wonder why their marriage has changed for the worse. Marriage is not just about choosing the right person and starting with God, but walking with God all the way.

3. Problems start in marriage when the couple forfeits prayer.

4. Solutions to problems are easily found when a couple turns to prayer.

5.In many homes, it is the wife that often is devoted to prayer. Husbands, you cannot be proud about being the head of the family if you do not offer spiritual leadership.

6.Many parents desire to raise Godly children yet they don’t model to their children a prayerful lifestyle. Take time to pray with your child/children.

7.Prayer keeps you accountable. You cannot approach God with confidence knowing you are not loving your spouse properly. Prayer keeps you in check.

8. Prayers reveal to you what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. Prayer betters your marriage by bettering you as a person.

9. Prayer brings unity. You want to be one in spirit with your spouse? Then pray together as a couple.

10. Prayer gives your marriage direction. As you two pray, you will know the will of God and know where to take your family.

11. Prayer makes you more forgiving and accommodating. You can’t stay mad at a spouse you pray for and with.

12. Prayer helps you two navigate through the issues of life and challenges in your marriage. Your help comes from the Lord.

13. Many couples turn to prayer only when trouble comes. Prayer shouldn’t be something we do as an emergency but an everyday lifestyle. Blessed is the couple that prays not just in times of trouble but also when things are good.

14. It’s never too late for a couple to start or re-ignite their prayer life.

You have no peace, direction, love, unity, faithfulness, provision, joy in your marriage; because you don’t ask for it.

Why have a faithful God wanting to bless your marriage. yet run away and hide from Him?