Pokémon Go is now taking over families’ choice of holiday destinations

Pokemon Go

Families have been booking their holidays based on whether or not they can play Pokémon Go.

According to new data from Hotels.com, it has been revealed that 55 per cent of Brits would change their travel plans to cities likes New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo because those places are Pokéstop hotspots.

Some more adventurous gamers are prepared to travel as far as the Arctic Circle, Mount Everest and North Korea in search of the rare Pikachu to add to their Pokedex.

Official Gym Leader at Hotels.com, Simon ‘Squirtle’ Matthews, said: “We’re excited that we have a Pokéstop in our London office in Angel, so we feel it’s only fair we do everything we can to help our customers chase down Pokéstops around the globe. We have a team of techiemons on the case, looking at how we can integrate a ‘Pokétels’ algorithm into our mobile app.”

Meanwhile, 85 per cent of millennials plan to play the game on their summer holiday, with most of them keen to spend at least four hours a day on the mobile app.

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