Our2Cents Ep. 91: 5 Questions to ask your partner before saying ‘I do’


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Relationships can be a tricky thing.

One minute you’re going about life doing exactly what you want, when you want to; and the next you’re asking for permission to come home past 10pm. Well, maybe not permission per se but you know what we mean.

It can be stifling, confusing and even enraging to have to shift your priorities so greatly but a lot of these frustrations can be curbed by asking the right questions before fully committing to someone.

Where do they see themselves in 10 years? How many sexual partners have they had?

Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong discuss some of the things that you should consider asking your partner before walking down the isle to help prevent any unnecessary conflict.

What are some of the questions you’d be asking your partner? Tweet us @CFMLifestyle and let us know!


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